Ensuring your monitors meet their
target calibration everytime

QMonitors software

Our software transforms ordinary monitors into Medical Grade

Of the handful of professional monitors can be transformed into Medical Grade monitors. 

Multiple tests are run by our Q-Labs department using our purpose built calibration software on those monitors that make the grade.

Only those that consistently meet and exceed the Radiology Standards tests are offered here.

Our calibration software is easily compatible with all leading PACS, RIS, and CIS systems.

A very simple test

This image has the words “A Very Simple Test” displayed repeatedly in a DICOM greyscale background segment going around in circle.  With a calibrated monitor you should be able to read the word “Test” in some of the segments,  and read “A Very” almost every segment.  If you can’t then your screen is not calibrated optimally and you may miss fine details for your diagnosis.

Calibration software

Our proprietary calibration software means QMonitors remain accurate and consistent for diagnostic viewing. Our software is a key ingredient in allowing our monitors to meet DICOM, IANZ & RANZCR v.11 compliance standards.

Automated, worry-free calibration software specifically designed for radiology diagnostic reading. Radiologists need superior image quality for diagnostic precision and to make decisions with absolute confidence no matter where they are reading our software means the monitor is always calibrated to show accurate and consistent images.

QMonitors software features

Developed by Medical Physicists

Our technically comprehensive calibration software allows us to take high spec, professional monitors and transform them into Diagnostic Monitors.

Calibration History

Keep and easily view stored calibration history for your monitors, to ensure they operate to the highest standard.

Harmonisation between hardware and software


The solution to overpriced and outdated medical display monitors is here. Our Monitors provide a very sleek and modern look with the performance and specifications equal to that of the $10k plus diagnostic monitors saturating the medical industry.


The easy way to ensure your diagnostic monitor is calibrated to standard. Our calibration software not only gives you peace of mind by exceeding DICOM standards but also easily integrates with all PACS system both enterprise and private.

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