QMonitors frequently asked questions


Aren't these monitors the same as the monitors I can buy myself?

These are monitors that can be bought off the shelf, however, they do not meet radiology standards out of the box. QMonitors are supplied with technology that raises these monitors to Radiology standard.

How does your software work?

Our software acts like you have your Medical Physicist coming in every time you login to calibrate your screens.

You will need a valid license for our software, and a Windows 10 laptop or workstation. It requires you to have an approved photometer, and the monitors connected to the same workstation. The software then measures the selected monitor’s current settings and model an adjustment to meet the DICOM standard. It will then apply the modelled standard and write this to your workstations memory for the next time you login.

Each time you login the software will apply the model adjustments. You can at any time test to see if the adjustments meet the standard and re-run the calibration.

How do we Order?

You can place an Order through our shop by selecting the bundles you are interested in, or you can contact us to talk to our sales team directly.

Choosing the monitors also means you need the right cables, calibration software, photometers, etc.  All of this takes a lot of research on your part.  To help speed up the process for you we have bundled solutions that help you to get up and running in one easy step and without any further stress.

If you need more help, send us an enquiry.  Our experts will advise you on which monitors are right for you and the additional items you may need in order to have an ideal setup before placing an order.

Who sets this up for me?

Once you receive your monitor(s) and your IT provider has connected the monitors to your laptop/workstation you should contact our support service and they will guide you through the process of downloading and installing our calibration software, running a calibration, and testing that it is working each time you login or restart your workstation.

Does it matter which PACS vendor is being used?

No. Our solution is PACS vendor independent. Any PACS brightness or contrast controls should be switched off however.

Many of the monitors work in PbP (Picture by Picture) mode i.e. uses two inputs.  These monitors are available to you if your PACS software does not provide split screen option.


What happens if my Q Monitors products are damaged on arrival?

Contact our support service. They will organise for a replacement if necessary.

What happens if my QMonitors Monitor does not work?

Your monitor should have a Q-Labs certification sticker.  This indicates that the monitor has been tested and working as expected.  When a Q-Labs sticker is missing this is because your monitor has not been delivered from our stock.  This is normal when customers need urgent delivery at the moment.

We stand behind our monitors and when a monitor we have supplied does not work as expected please contact our support service. They will work with you to determine the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible.

How do I get hold of support?

Support contact details can be found here:   https://qmonitors.com/support

If my monitor stops meeting my Radiology Standard?

One of the key reasons a monitor will fail to meet a Radiology Standard is brightness.

Q-Labs have tested all QMonitors monitors to be within reasonable parameters of brightness for at least 3 years.

In most cases, they will continue to operate well beyond this time as most monitor’s brightness is based on backlit LED technology which loses brightness gradually.  We estimate about 10,000 hours (about 4 years) before you notice the deterioration and it begins to fail to calibrate.

If the monitor supplied to us fails to calibrate within the 3 years we will replace the monitor at no cost to you.

Don't the monitors need to be certified by a Medical Physicist?

Yes they do in most cases. Our software has been designed and developed by a Medical Physicist and is guaranteed to be comparable to a Medical Physicists independent calibration to the same standard.

What if I need more than one monitor?

We have created bundles for you to purchase a full or partial set up to make it easy for you to choose.

Our software will manage more than one monitor from the workstation/laptop.

Can I use my own photometer?

No. You will need to use a photometer that is supplied by us to ensure the resulting reads are reliable and are translatable by our software.

Can I just purchase your calibration software on its own?

Yes you can. But we can not guarantee that your monitor will meet the standard nor can we provide any support on your monitor should it fail or not work properly.

Should I use a UPS power supply for my workstation / laptop?

Your workstation is a critical device. Power outages and surges can stop you from continuing to provide your service and therefore stop your income. Also this is an expensive set up so you would want to protect it. We recommend a suitable UPS that is also managing your internet service power supply.

Your question not answered here?   Ask us here and one of our experts will be sure to get back to you.

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