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QMonitors support

The cost of downtime for your Diagnostic General Radiology or Mammography reporting monitors can be high.  Usually way higher than the cost of a monitor for a single day’s downtime.

When you purchase a monitor from QMonitors we have you covered.

We provide free support for Monitors up to 3 years of purchase date, and Calibration software while you have a valid license.

Monitor replacement support

All monitors purchased through us are supplied to you with the manufacturer’s standard warranties and support which is usually 12 months, return to the supplier (QMonitors).  Upon receipt, QMonitors will arrange for the monitor to be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.

After the manufacturer’s standard warranty you will receive telephone support, and total replacement of the monitor should it fail to calibrate within a 3 year period.

Calibration software support

QMonitors provides support for our proprietary calibration software to be accurate and consistent as part of your annual subscription.  We provide telephone support for software, and calibration issues, while your license, is active.

Automated, worry-free calibration software specifically designed for Diagnostic Radiology & Mammography viewing.  Radiologists need superior image quality for diagnostic precision and to make decisions with absolute confidence no matter where they are reading our software means the monitor is always calibrated to show accurate and consistent images.

Please note that if the software is operating as expected and your monitor fails aspects of the calibration then it may be that your Monitor is no longer electronically able to meet the brightness or contrast requirements.

QMonitors support FAQs

Can I get support on Monitor that wasn't supplied QMonitors

No.  We cannot provide support on equipment that we do not have history about.  We suggest you approach your original supplier.

What happens if my monitor fails to meet my Radiology Standard?

Two things are possible: –

  1. Your monitor is electronically incapable of meeting the standard, or
  2. An MS-Windows or monitor setting has changed your monitor’s characteristics.

Your software license covers your support for 2.

If you purchased monitor support from us and the monitor failed within the term of the support then we will arrange for a replacement monitor. Terms and conditions apply.

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