Technology has caught up.  Yes, Eizo and Barco monitors were your only options, but they are no longer the only high spec medical grade monitors available in the market.

We have the new breed of high spec professional monitor options that will save you $1,000s while enjoying laser calibration with brands you already know and trust.

Which monitor is right for your clinic?


Most Popular

            • Mammography
            • General Radiology


8.3 MP

40 Gbps Thunderbolt 3

(DisplayPort backwards compatible)

Landscape or portrait

            • General Radiology
            • PbP (Split Screen)


8.3 MP

40 Gbps Thunderbolt 3 & DisplayPort

Great ergonomics,  PbP split screen technology

            • General Radiology
            • PbP (Split Screen)


1000R curve

7.4 MP

2x DisplayPort

Equivalent to 2 monitors

Higher productivity, uncompromised ergonomics, PbP split screen technology

Recommended and used by Radiologists around the world

Working on these monitors compared to the traditional Eizo’s & Barco’s are miles apart.

Spending eight hours a day in front of a monitor, these are a joy to work with.

Dr David Rosenberg - Radiologist

With the calibration software, COTS (commercial off the shelf) Monitors are now superior to traditional radiology monitors.

The software ensures each monitor stays calibrated every day without fail.

Brian Lunt - Medical Physicist

I replaced 80 monitors over 2 years.

QMonitors helped to select the right monitors and accessories and we were able to implement with little requirment for support.

We saved more than $1,000,000.  Think what we can now do with that money.

Best decision I ever made.  I can’t recommend them enough!

S.R. - Radiology Manager (large tertiary hospital)

QMonitors advantages

Best image, all the time

Calibrated daily, like having a Medical Physicist with you all the time


Our monitors are designed with user experience in mind

Plug and play

Integrate Directly with your PACS/RIS System

Our software and diagnostic monitors seamlessly integrate with your PACS/RIS

Speak to our experts

Avoid expensive mistakes – talk to our experts to advice you on the best options for you and set up for your clinical requirements

Laser fast calibration

Calibration in less than a minute

Made for Radiology - full stop.

Monitors are tested and certified for Radiology

Full calibration history

PACS Professionals and Medical Physicists will have all the data & history they need to do their job

Full support

PACS Professionals will have access to our support to make set up and trouble shooting straight forward


Don't the monitors need to be certified by a Medical Physicist?

Yes they do in most cases. Our software has been designed and developed by a Medical Physicist and is guaranteed to be comparable to a Medical Physicists independent calibration to the same standard.

How do the monitors calibrate themselves?

Our software acts like you have your Medical Physicist coming in every time you login in to calibrate your screens.

You will need a valid license for our software, and a Windows 10 Laptop or workstation. It requires you to have an approved photometer, and the monitors connected to the same workstation. The software then measures the selected monitor’s current settings and model an adjustment to meet the DICOM standard. It will then apply the modelled standard and write this to the memory for the next time you login.  Each time you login the software will apply the model adjustments. You can at any time test to see if the adjustments meet the standard and rerun the calibration.

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