Q-Labs tested
& transformed monitors

Our Q-Labs division rigorously tests all our available monitors to ensure they meet all leading diagnostic standards around the world. All monitors purchased through us are given a Q-Labs certification and guarantee.

Our three key features

What separates us from what’s already available


Technology advancements enable us to provide Radiology Monitors at a fraction of the price of an Eizo or Barco


Automated daily calibrations

Our software calibrates the monitors daily to ensure they display diagnostic images to the highest performance daily

Performance guarantee

We guarantee the performance and quality of our monitors. We take care of the end to end experience, from delivery, to installation to maintenance

Specification inspected and selected

Step 1

We have strict specification guidelines for all the displays we test and transform. We only take the highest brightness, performance monitors.

Brightness and resolution calibrated

Step 2

We rigorously test monitor luminance and candescence levels to ensure their optimal for Radiology and diagnostic image viewing.

Customized for diagnostic viewing

Step 3

We transform the monitors to become fit for purpose to the requirements of Radiologists, from the monitor brightness to the ergonomics for long reading periods.

Guaranteed for 3 years

Step 4

We guarantee the screen completely for the life time your Q monitors contract. With a total replacement peace of mind Guarantee.

Delivered, installed and maintained For you

Step 5


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